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Experienced neurosurgery for the treatment of tumors in the brain & spine.


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Brain Tumor Program

The Lexington Medical Center Brain Tumor Program works in conjunction with Lexington Brain and Spine Institute.

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New GammaTile® Therapy

GammaTile is a Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) for operable brain tumors that provides immediate radiation treatment after tumor removal. Each GammaTile has radiation sources embedded in a collagen tile that deliver a precise dose of radiation focused right where it is needed and away from healthy brain tissue.





About the Program

Johnathan A. Engh, MD, FAANS. provides an overview of the Lexington Medical Center Brain Tumor Program.


Amelia's Story

Amelia shares her journey of how she traveled across the country to seek a life-saving operation from Johnathan A. Engh, MD, FAANS.